PRJCT Melrose Hosts Bricktopians’ Brain Boot Party for NFTLA

March 20, 2022

PRJCT Melrose kicked off NFTLA with a Bricktopians party for their Brain Boot project by Law Degree with Yeezy & Louis Vuitton artists. It was a handshake between the virtual and physical worlds where attendees got whitelisted for a pair of shoes to wear IRL, and in the metaverse, with every NFT purchase. Bricktopians are supercomputer built 3D NFTs that look like they are created with digital Lego-type blocks. According to the website, they are the “most technologically advanced (NFT) collection at this scale to launch to date. Every single Bricktopian is unique, with each one being simulated individually from a new selection of bricks.” The Bricktopians marketing manager Thil explains the project, “The Brain Boot will be wearable in the metaverse and also in the physical world, with holders of the NFT being able to also own the physical shoe.”

So, in essence, the Brain Boot is forging the physical and digital realms. Look out for more metaverse meets IRL fashion events at PRJCT Melrose coming soon.

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